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Keep your process and your customers.

Insurance insight and workflow tools that improve every point in the policy lifecycle


Increase speed, accuracy, and data integrity

Provide more accurate quotes with less effort, improving your customer experience and conversion from quote to bind.

use_icon-check Know the condition and perils of a property upfront before bind and issuance.
use_icon-check Reduce the review time and quote cycle time for submissions
use_icon-check Reduce friction in a manually intensive property underwriting process


Chad Veach

“Betterview is going to be valuable for us and the industry as a whole. We intend to use Betterview’s predictive analytics in our underwriting process to identify policyholders who would benefit from a drone-based roof assessment by our loss control team.”




Your expertise where it's needed most

Improve the speed and accuracy of Underwriting by filtering properties so you can spend time where it counts.

use_icon-check Know the true condition of a property prior to policy issuance
use_icon-check From prefill data to historical weather events, Betterview has extensive data that will help your team become better underwriters
use_icon-check Leverage previously unavailable data to make smarter bets on risk and segment your book of business accordingly




Ted Nolan

"Countless tools exist for gathering quality property underwriting information but few do it as efficiently as Betterview. The flexibility to process information through an easy to use user interface, bulk upload/download or API coupled with quality multi-faceted data allows our underwriters to easily incorporate a broader data set into their decision-making process, which we find particularly useful in wildfire-prone geographies."



Loss Control & Risk Engineering

Quickly understand your risks

It's like a credit score for properties that informs efficient decisions to approve, deny, or take a closer look.

use_icon-check Route inspections smarter by knowing which properties pose the greatest risk of loss
use_icon-check Segment your risk tolerance and appetite by Betterview's digestible score
use_icon-check Conduct virtual inspections in a resource friendly way


Nick Petcoff

"One of the things that stuck out to us initially about Betterview was the commercial lines loss control experience of its Co-Founder Dave Tobias. This experience translated well during our proof of concept and validated assumptions we suspected about potential risk exposure in our book of business."



Policy Renewal

Know before you renew

Properties change over time. When a policy is up. Take the opportunity to assess and manage risk.

use_icon-check Know the true condition of a property prior to policy renewal
use_icon-check Understand if property condition has degraded since the last renewal
use_icon-check Have a line of sight into which properties present the highest propensity for claim and how to take the appropriate action.




Erik Ross

"After assessing many other companies in the marketplace, we quickly noticed how Betterview's experience translated into significantly better software, services, and data for insurers like Nationwide. These capabilities will drive faster response in the wake of catastrophic events, enhanced underwriting sophistication for day-to-day business and a better overall experience for our members."




Ease the burden of proof

Betterview gives you tools to gain an accurate understanding to confidently pay claims and avoid litigation.

use_icon-check Pre-FNOL
use_icon-check CAT Response imagery (when available)
use_icon-check Property condition assessment prior to loss
use_icon-check Post-payment repair verification




Colin Fitt

"We believe that Betterview provides a compelling value proposition for our clients’ evolving needs. It will be very beneficial to our customers from both a claims and underwriting standpoint."


Move to Predict and Prevent

Betterview empowers insurance companies to transition away from the old mentality of Repair and Replace and toward the proactive Predict and Prevent.

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