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Powering the Entire Policy Life Cycle with Property Intelligence

Deliver an exceptional agent and policyholder experience while improving your combined ratio



Increase speed, accuracy, and data integrity

With over 2,000 property datapoints and pre-filed peril scores optimized for pricing, provide accurate direct-to-consumer quotes with minimal-to-no IT lift. 

use_icon-check Know the condition of a property upfront before bind and issuance – no inspection required 
use_icon-check Reduce the review time and automate quoting for submissions with API access and fully branded web app
use_icon-check Reduce friction and eliminate IT costs by plugging Betterview data directly into your rating engine  


Chad Veach

“Betterview is going to be valuable for us and the industry as a whole. We intend to use Betterview’s predictive analytics in our underwriting process to identify policyholders who would benefit from a roof assessment by our loss control team.”



New Business Underwriting

Know property better

Improve underwriting speed and accuracy by automating inspections, straight-through-processing solid risks, and drilling down on properties that need attention

use_icon-check Rapid on-demand processing of aerial imagery, 30+ computer vision models, and 2000+ property datapoints from trusted partners
use_icon-check Identify, manage, and price real property risk
use_icon-check Maximize underwriting efficiency while still expanding profitability and avoiding premium leakage




Ted Nolan

"Countless tools exist for gathering quality property underwriting information but few do it as efficiently as Betterview. The flexibility to process information through an easy to use user interface, bulk upload/download or API coupled with quality multi-faceted data allows our underwriters to easily incorporate a broader data set into their decision-making process, which we find particularly useful in wildfire-prone geographies."



Loss Control & Risk Engineering

Predict & Prevent future losses

Leverage AI-powered risk scores and predictive analytics to get ahead of future damage and proactively mitigate risk

use_icon-check Strategically deploy inspection teams to properties with the highest risk profile 
use_icon-check Segment your risk tolerance and appetite with intuitive, transparent scores from Betterview 
use_icon-check Conduct virtual inspections with low-to-no IT lift using partner integrations such as JMI Reports and Plnar 


Nick Petcoff

"One of the things that stuck out to us initially about Betterview was the commercial lines loss control experience of its Co-Founder Dave Tobias. This experience translated well during our proof of concept and validated assumptions we suspected about potential risk exposure in our book of business."



Policy Renewal

Continuously monitor property condition

Using automated change detections and an archive of historical imagery, see how properties change over time, avoiding surprises at time of renewal

use_icon-check Know the most up-to-date condition of a property prior to policy renewal, including any changes since previous inspections 
use_icon-check Be aware of the addition of secondary structures, swimming pools, trampolines, and more risk drivers 
use_icon-check Have a line of sight into which properties present the highest likelihood for claims




Erik Ross

"After assessing many other companies in the marketplace, we quickly noticed how Betterview's experience translated into significantly better software, services, and data for insurers like Nationwide. These capabilities will drive faster response in the wake of catastrophic events, enhanced underwriting sophistication for day-to-day business and a better overall experience for our members."




Ease the burden of proof

Accurately and rapidly respond to claims with a complete view of near-real-time property condition, confidently responding to legitimate losses and mitigating fraudulent claims. 

use_icon-check Accelerate response time and better serve customers in their time of most need 
use_icon-check See true property condition before and after loss to detect claims fraud 
use_icon-check Confidently prepare and allocate reserves and claims resources 




Colin Fitt

"We believe that Betterview provides a compelling value proposition for our clients’ evolving needs. It will be very beneficial to our customers from both a claims and underwriting standpoint."


Inspection Optimization

Move beyond reliance on physical inspections 

View property condition and risk with more speed and accuracy than a physical inspection alone, reducing wait times and driving down expenses 

use_icon-check AI-powered risk scores spotlight high risk properties for inspection, while eliminating inspections for lower risks 
use_icon-check High-resolution, up-to-date aerial imagery shows granular view of property condition, enhancing knowledge of property prior to potential inspection 
use_icon-check Reduce inspection wait time from weeks/months to mere seconds without sacrificing accuracy 



Catastrophic Event Response

Identify damage and accelerate recovery 

Using computer vision tools and third-party CAT event data, respond rapidly and confidently before, during, and after a catastrophic event  

use_icon-check Track ongoing events to identify vulnerable properties to strategically allocate resources 
use_icon-check More accurately predict exposure, anticipate claims, and prepare reserves 
use_icon-check Alert policyholders of CAT risk and jumpstart the claims process immediately following impact prior to first notice of loss 




Colin Fitt

"We believe that Betterview provides a compelling value proposition for our clients’ evolving needs. It will be very beneficial to our customers from both a claims and underwriting standpoint."


Pricing & Rating

Drive rate segmentation and avoid premium leakage 

Keep up with evolving climate and property risk, improving pricing with peril scores filed in multiple states 

use_icon-check Price policies based on pre-filed peril scores and improve combined ratio 
use_icon-check Avoid premium leakage with a comprehensive, actionable picture of risk 
use_icon-check Compete for new business by offering the best pricing and protection 

Move to Predict and Prevent

Betterview empowers insurance companies to transition away from the old mentality of Repair and Replace and toward the proactive Predict and Prevent.

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