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The Betterview Pillars of AI

for Property Intelligence

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Welcome to a new era of underwriting – pairing human insight and experience with the speed and analytic power of artificial intelligence (AI). Discover the three pillars of AI for Property Intelligence. 

Computer Vision

Our highly mature Computer Vision models scan property imagery to detect and spotlight specific attributes, such as missing shingles on a roof or the presence of a trampoline in a yard. 

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From our vast selection of thousands of property datapoints and risk detections, underwriters choose which are most important for their decision-making process and elevate these specific insights to the front of their UI experience. With our Computer Vision models, underwriters can: 

  • Automatically flag every property with major risk drivers, such as a damaged roof, and prioritize them for a physical inspection, while straight-through processing lower-risk properties.

  • Determine a property’s level of defensible space, a crucial factor in wildfire vulnerability. 

  • Reliably detect the presence of risk drivers like swimming pools, as well as additional structures built by property owners but never disclosed to insurance companies.  

Betterview Risk Models


Our data science and machine learning teams analyze vast amounts of property data, study correlations, and distill their findings into smart risk scores, covering both total property risk, as well as contextual risk for specific perils. With risk scores, underwriters can: 

  • Price and manage risk based on key risk drivers such as roof condition.
  • Get ahead of peril risk for underwriting and claims use cases.
  • Flag properties that meet, exceed, or fall below a certain risk score to optimize efficiency. 



Roof Spotlight Index: 

The Roof Spotlight Index (RSI) is our proprietary, 100-point roof condition score, incorporating more than ten roof condition issues (spotlights) identified by our Computer Vision models. The RSI accurately assesses the impact of these spotlights by considering their severity, area coverage, and the type of roof material, giving a high score to roofs with the best condition. 

Peril Vulnerability Scores: 

The Betterview Peril Vulnerability Scores are built on property attributes such as roof condition, roof shape, tree overhang, and defensible space. These factors are scored based on extensive research by our Data Science team on historical claims data. These vulnerability scores are available separately for wildfire, hurricane, hail, and wind, and are all proven to be predictive of potential losses.

Peril Claim Predictors:

The Betterview Peril Claim Predictors combine building-level Vulnerability Scores - powered by Betterview's computer vision detections - as well as regional hazard information from third parties such as HazardHub and FEMA. These claim predictors provide a complete picture of claim risk, empowering insurers to predict and prevent losses. They are available separately for hail and wind, and are all proven to be predictive of future claims.


Wildfire Risk

Wildfire Risk Insights

Price by filed rates

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Hurricane Risk Insights

Hurricane Risk Insights

Predict damage and prevent loss

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Wind/Hail Risk Insights

Wind/Hail Risk Insights

Predict and manage claims

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Large Language Models (LLMs)


Large Language Models at the cutting edge of generative AI analyze our vast data object – including Computer Vision spotlights on individual buildings, risk scores, and thousands of third-party datapoints – and summarize key information for each property in natural language in response to underwriter queries. 


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Copilot is the GPT-based virtual assistant for underwriters, organizing and surfacing relevant property data in an instant.

Through Copilot, underwrites can view insights related to: 

  • Property condition attributes determined by Computer Vision
  • Regional data including local businesses and crime rates  
  • Thousands of additional geospatial datapoints available in PartnerHub 
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Copilot adds an additional level of curation to the Betterview platform, increasing visibility and accessibility of the most relevant property information, and ensuring that every user’s experience is tailored to their specific business needs. 

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation


Don’t wait for property damage to happen - take action now with Betterview’s Property Intelligence & Risk Management Solution. Identify and mitigate risks, automate pricing and underwriting, and transform your property insurance from Repair-and-Replace to Predict-and-Prevent. Contact us today to learn more.


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