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Price faster and more accurately with the industry's first AI-powered, remote analysis of roof age from historical imagery.

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The Betterview Roof Age

A Groundbreaking Solution to the Age-old Challenge with Unprecedented Accuracy

Immediate, Automated Results in Seconds (No Human Needed)



The Betterview platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to analyze high-resolution aerial imagery, enabling a more accurate roof age compared to permit data or homeowner and agent estimates that may be several years off. With more accurate and reliable roof age data, insurers can predict and prevent losses, avoid premium leakage, and provide faster quoting. The Roof Age model is available on residential and commercial properties.



Streamline the quoting process (Pre-fill the roof age) and provide a more accurate and instant quote.

Risk Selection

Select better risk, prevent avoidable losses, and accelerate the quote-to-bind process.

Pricing & Policy Terms

Fine-tune rating algorithms to accurately price policies (minimize premium leakage or offer more competitive pricing). Determine policy terms such as ACV vs. RCV and the roof payment schedule.

Inspection Optimization

Prioritize physical inspections for properties with older roofs to better manage and mitigate overall risk.

The Trouble with Historical Solutions

As inaccurate roof age data leads to over $1.31 billion in premium leakage every year2, historical solutions are inadequate to validate and support informed decisions.


App, Agent, & Homeowner Estimates

Lack of knowledge – the roof might have been replaced prior to the most recent purchase. The homeowner or agent may be incentivized to understate the roof age to obtain a lower premium.

66% of Homeowners underestimate by 5 Years3.
20% of Homeowners underestimate by 15 years3.


Property Records & Permit Data

Not every municipality has data available. Some permits may be filed improperly, not filed at all, or don't match zip codes. Even if permits were filed, the repairs may not have been done, or indicate a full roof replacement when only a part was repaired.


Physical Inspections

High-cost and time-consuming, reports usually take days (or weeks or months) to return. It involves scheduling with policyholders and inspectors which could complicate the process. Large or complex roofs may require additional resources like drones and extra labor to get a full analysis.

Experience the power of Betterview Roof Age, and its advantages over traditional roof age solutions