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Insurtech is Built Into Our DNA.

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David Tobias
CO-Founder & COO



David Tobias grew up working for his family’s property inspection business, where he witnessed firsthand the difficulties insurers face in obtaining a clear view of the properties in their book.


David Lyman

CO-Founder & CEO
enterprise software

Tobias teamed up with his friend David Lyman, a seasoned professional in scaling SaaS enterprise companies with groundbreaking technologies, to develop a transformative solution to this age-old insurance problem. 

For Insurance — From Insurance

In the following years, Tobias and Lyman assembled a team of insurance and insurtech veterans with the best software engineers. The team combined aerial imagery, computer vision, and machine learning to create a platform enabling insurance professionals to make fast and accurate policy decisions from clear and actionable property insights. With a deep understanding of day-to-day insurance challenges and a commitment to cutting-edge solutions, Betterview has established itself as the leader in property intelligence.

Our background includes:
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The Betterview family is an elite, rapidly growing team of dedicated and passionate technology geeks and insurance heroes.


Our team members are best at…

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What We Built.

Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision to aerial imagery and geospatial data, Betterview generates the most accurate property information insurers trust to automate pricing, underwriting, and renewals while focusing strategic action on critical properties. Combined with flagging, continuous monitoring, and pre-filed peril risk scores, Betterview is helping transform property insurance from Repair and Replace to Predict and Prevent.  

Top Insurers depend on Betterview:

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We are proud to have earned the trust of major players in the insurance and property space, including major insurance carriers like Nationwide, consultancies like ManchesterStory, and technology leaders like Guidewire.