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Technology that makes the whole team better

Whatever your role in your Insurance company, Betterview can make your job easier.

for Leadership...

“Betterview’s property data is helping our underwriters to identify roofs that are at risk of failing in the near future. This information allows us to work with our customers to get ahead of any problems before they can turn into a claim.”

Former Chief Underwriting Officer - GuideOne Insurance
Leadership IconTurn your team into superheroes

Augment your existing process with the Betterview's predictive risk scoring and Platform to make sure your team’s expertise isn’t wasted.

for Data Science...

“After assessing many other companies in the marketplace, we quickly noticed how Betterview's experience translated into significantly better software, services, and data for insurers like Nationwide. These capabilities will drive faster response in the wake of catastrophic events, enhanced underwriting sophistication for day-to-day business and a better overall experience for our members.”

Head of Venture Capital and Open innovation
Icon Data ScienceProven insight with better data

Drive your company (and your cause) forward by leveraging the Betterview's predictive risk scoring and depth of data to show results quickly. That’s a win for Data Science.

for IT...

“Betterview’s mission, value proposition, and momentum situate the company well as P C insurers increasingly seek to work with InsureTechs that add demonstrable value throughout the lifecycle. ”

CMO of Guidewire and Betterview Board member
IT IconA trusted platform with a clear path

You shouldn't have to sacrifice stability for the sake of innovation. Betterview is the best of both worlds.