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Property Intelligence Platform

Analyze Risk • Score Risk • Manage Risk • Monitor Risk 


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Property Intelligence for P&C Insurance

The Betterview Property Intelligence Platform is much more than just another property analytics platform. It's an easy-to-use, unified, and flexible platform that combines a wide variety of property data sources, interprets it with proprietary machine learning (ML) technology, and makes the resulting insights understandable and actionable.

Analyze Risk

The Betterview property intelligence platform sources the latest and highest quality images available for both residential and commercial properties. We then utilize computer vision, geospatial analytics, and artificial intelligence to instantly detect any issues. Only Betterview displays each detection as a Spotlight, showing you exactly what conditions exist.


Score Risk

Every building on every property you insure gets a Roof Spotlight Index - a score from 0 - 100. Instead of combing through dozens of different websites or waiting weeks for an expensive property inspection, Betterview instantly shows you the health of the property. With Betterview, you'll make smarter underwriting decisions, respond to agents and customers faster, and significantly reduce underwriting and inspection costs.

score risk

Manage Risk

The Betterview platform is more than just another data provider. Instead, we designed it to encourage action and enhance your expertise. Betterview is the only property intelligence platform that includes a business rules engine that enables you to easily create "Flags" that reflect your unique appetites and underwriting guidelines. Combined with the Roof Spotlight Index, you can automate underwriting and focus your time only on the properties that require attention. 

manage risk

Monitor Risk

Properties change frequently. Betterview eliminates surprises at renewal. Betterview detects and alerts you to changes for every property you insure; like a commercial building with a degraded roof or a home with a new swimming pool, plus thousands more. No more sleepless nights worrying about the skeletons in your book. Instead, proactively address changes to keep your book healthy and profitable.

monitor risk

Partner Connect

Connect Your Favorite Tools To Betterview

Betterview is the only property intelligence platform that offers a marketplace of additional data partners. All the major players from industry-trusted providers to the newest Insurtech work with Betterview.

See All Partners 

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Be Smarter

Get The Property Intelligence Platform For You

Everything you need to move from Repair and Replace, to Predict and Prevent.


Property Intelligence Includes

  • Roof Attributes
  • Property Attributes
  • Roof Spotlight Index
  • Property Imagery Viewer
  • Spotlights
  • Partner Connect
  • Distance Between Buildings
  • New Roof Age

Automated Management

  • Configurable Flagging Engine
  • Continuous Monitoring

Workflow Integrations

  • API Access Key
  • Core System Connector
  • Online Analytics UI
    + Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse

Peril Risk Insights

  • Hurricane Risk Insights
  • Wildfire Risk Insights
  • Hail Risk Insights
    + Hail Claim Predictor
  • Wind Risk Insights
    + Wind Claim Predictor

Customer Perspectives

Cincinnati Insurance

Tammie Whitaker, a Senior Product Developer with Cincinnati Insurance, discusses how Betterview enhanced their communication process between underwriters and agents and empowered their agents to become trusted partners in their policyholder's journey.


HubSpot Video

Full Video: 02:10


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