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Predict & Prevent

The most powerful property intelligence platform available.

Standard Features


Roof Attributes

Detects the shape, size, and material of the roof. 

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Property Attributes

Detects features across the property such as swimming pools, trampolines, yard debris, solar panels, and more.

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Roof Spotlight Index

Every building on every property you insure gets a Roof Spotlight Index - a score from 0 - 100. A low score indicates a high likelihood of loss. Simply put, it's the fastest way to see a summary of the health of every building in your book.

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Continuous Monitoring

Betterview constantly monitors every property you add for changes. When a change is detected, you're automatically notified. Instead of inspecting a property every few years, Betterview does it constantly - without the expense.

BV Monitor Example


It's like augmented reality for insurance. Our platform not only detects property issues, it highlights them right on the map so you can instantly see the most granular level of details and make informed decisions - fast.


Peril Risk Insights

With regional wildfire and hurricane peril information combined with property-level Vulnerability Scores, you now get the complete picture of risk in a single platform for fast, accurate, and confident underwriting decisions.

BV Peril Risk Insights

Partner Connect

Betterview is the only property intelligence platform that offers a marketplace of additional data partners. All the major players from industry-trusted providers to the newest Insuretech work with Betterview.

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Automation Flags

Create custom business rules that flag properties for attention. Then when a property gets flagged it automatically shows up on your dashboard and you know exactly what issues to investigate.

Automation notifications

Core System Connectors

Work smarter than ever before with the power of Betterview property intelligence built into your insurance core system with pre-built integration connectors for Guidewire, Duck Creek, and Socotra.


API Access

With the Betterview API, you can connect just about any service or application to get property intelligence to work where you need it. And with our detailed API reference and developer guides, you'll be up and running in no time.

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Turnkey Direct-to-Consumer Experience

Launch amazing customer-facing experiences for residential and commercial property quoting in mere minutes. Complete with rich Property Intelligence insights and fully branded, it's the smartest way to reach new customers.

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