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Prevent Wildfire Loss with

Wildfire Risk Insights

Wildfires across the USA are increasing in frequency and severity. They are spreading into states that have never before dealt with losing entire communities. With comprehensive wildfire insights, insurance companies can now help save policyholders' homes and businesses.

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Glass Fire: Before & After

Wildfire Frequency & Severity are Increasing Rapidly

$13 Billion

Cost of western US wildfires in 2020

4 of 6

California's largest fires were in 2020


US structures in natural disaster hotspots

Insurers need a solution for wildfire risk management 

Existing solutions focus on regional intelligence, not property level insight. 

Data is fractured and siloed within different platforms, difficult to analyze or make decisions.

Policyholders are unprotected or paying ever higher premiums.

Wildfire White Paper Available!

Wildfire Risk Whitepaper

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Why is Getting a Full Picture of Wildfire Risk Important for Underwriting?

In this white paper, you will learn more about

  • The importance of getting a complete picture of wildfire risk 

  • The research and methodology behind our Wildfire Risk Insights and Vulnerability Score

  • How can Betterview help you prevent avoidable losses and protect homes and businesses? 

Download the white paper today and read our blog for more insights!

Wildfire Risk Insights is the solution

  • A 1-5 Wildfire Vulnerability Score quickly defines which properties need your attention. The lower the score, the worse the risk. The score uses AI-powered computer vision to analyze property-level perils within aerial imagery. Perils include defensible space, tree overhangs, roof debris, tarps, and distance between buildings.

  • Regional/local-level Hazard: Combined with high-quality wildfire insights from partners such as RedZone and HazardHub for distance to fire stations, fire hydrants, historical wildfire events, and more, you see an actionable indicator of genuine wildfire risk on every property in your book.

  • Get a complete picture of wildfire risk - Vulnerability scoring plus hazard risk empower you to make confident underwriting decisions, all from one platform.


Turn Your Agents and Underwriters into Heroes

When your agents and underwriters have the right insights, they can proactively work with policyholders at a higher risk of wildfire damage, recommending mitigation measures such as vegetation clearance, tree overhang, or roof debris removal, truly protecting homes and businesses.


We found two neighboring homes in our research on the 2020 River Fire. The first, with a Vulnerability Score of four and good defensible space, survived. With a Wildfire Vulnerability Score of two and no defensible space, a neighbor lost their home. What if the neighbor's insurance company could have stepped in and helped them save the property, avoid massive disruption, loss, and pain, and been the hero to help avoid this tragic event? You can be that hero.

New Wildfire Infographic Available!

Wildfire Infographic for Insurance

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Wildfire Must-Knows for Underwriters

Wildfire season for much of the United States is rapidly approaching. With the right tools, methodologies, and analytics technologies, P&C insurers can predict and prevent wildfire damage.  

To help both commercial and personal lines underwriters mitigate the worst of these wildfire risks, we’ve put together this infographic full of information and actions to take. 

For more information, check out our blog!

Community-level Vulnerability

In addition to property-level vulnerability, community-level vulnerability is also a key layer of protection to prevent large scale wildfire damages and losses.

Wildfire Risk Insights provides datasets from the Firewise USA® recognition program, which requires communities to meet criteria for wildfire safety including home preparedness, creation of defensible space, vegetative fuel modification, participations in community-wide risk reduction projects, and more.

Firewise_Wildfire Risk Insights

Community's Firewise USA recognition status shown in Wildfire Risk Insights

By showing the geospatial community boundaries and recognition status, you can see which properties are in designated Firewise USA sites from within the Betterview user interface (UI). Combining with property-level vulnerability and regional/local hazard, you now have a holistic view of wildfire risk so that you can make fast and efficient underwriting decisions and help protect your customers.

Check out this blog to learn more about our relationship with NFPA and how it adheres to California's pending "Safer from Wildfire" regulation!