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Accurate & Actionable

Wildfire Risk Insights

Confidently assess residential and commercial property’s comprehensive wildfire risk and contributing factors, and recommend steps to proactively mitigate risk.


Betterview Wildfire Risk Insights

  • Combine Structural Vulnerability & Hazard Probability
    Using Betterview accurate property data and industry trusted 3rd party hazard data to get a complete picture of wildfire risk.
  • Assess Portfolio-level Wildfire Risk
    Confidently write in wildfire-prone regions and be profitable.
  • Proactively Mitigate Wildfire Risk
    Protect policyholders and communities, while reducing avoidable losses.
  • Optimize Pricing & Rating
    With granular transparent scores pre-filed in more than 10 states.

Wildfire Vulnerability Score

A 1-5 Wildfire Vulnerability Score quickly defines which properties need your attention. The lower the score, the worse the risk.

The score analyzes multiple risk factors including defensible space, tree overhangs, roof debris, tarps, roof material, distance between buildings, etc. Scores are trained on historical claims/damages.

Explore the Power of Betterview’s Wildfire Vulnerability Score and other Wildfire Risk Insights.


Regional/Local Hazard

Get an actionable indicator of genuine wildfire risk on every property in your book through high-quality wildfire hazard data from partners such as RedZone, HazardHub, and FEMA for distance to fire stations, fire hydrants, and historical wildfire events.

Community-level Vulnerability

Wildfire Risk Insights includes datasets from the Firewise USA® and California Fire Risk Reduction Communities community recognition programs.

See if the property is in designated Firewise USA sites or CA Fire Risk Reduction Communities from within the Betterview user interface (UI).

Learn more about our relationship with NFPA and how both recognition programs adhere to California's "Safer from Wildfire" regulation.


Geospatial community boundaries and recognition status included in the Betterview UI. Firewise USA® and California Fire Risk Reduction Communities require communities to meet criteria for wildfire safety including home preparedness, creation of defensible space, vegetative fuel modification, participations in community-wide risk reduction projects, and more.

State-filed for Rating

Confidently apply our wildfire  models to your ratings. Betterview has worked with Milliman Appleseed to pre-file our Wildfire Vulnerability Score with over 10 states. 

Contact us to learn more about the methodology and process.

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Turn Your Agents and Underwriters into Heroes

When your agents and underwriters have the right insights, they can proactively work with policyholders at a higher risk of wildfire damage, recommending mitigation measures such as vegetation clearance, tree overhang, or roof debris removal, truly protecting homes and businesses.


We found two neighboring homes in our research on the 2020 River Fire. The first, with a Vulnerability Score of four and good defensible space, survived. With a Wildfire Vulnerability Score of two and no defensible space, a neighbor lost their home.


Experience the power of Wildfire Risk Insights
and its advantages over traditional solutions

Wildfire Risk Whitepaper

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White paper:

Why is Getting a Full Picture of Wildfire Risk Important for Underwriting?

  • A Complete Picture of Wildfire Risk
  • Research & Methodology behind  Insights and Scores
  • How to Prevent Losses & Protect Homes & Businesses

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