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your Pricing and Underwriting

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With the most accurate instant property data.

Betterview is the Property Intelligence & Risk Management Solution the insurance industry depends on to identify and mitigate property risk, improve underwriting and inspection efficiency, and build a more transparent customer experience.​

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Automate your workflows
with the Data API


Empower your team with
the Analytics Interface


How it Works






With A.I.





Property Intelligence

  • Property Condition Data

  • Predictive Risk Scores

  • Enhanced Visualizations

Integrate Workflow
Core Systems
EDW and Custom API
Analytics UI and PDF

Use Cases


Increase speed, accuracy, and integrity

With over 2,000 property datapoints and pre-filed peril scores optimized for pricing, provide accurate direct-to-consumer quotes with minimal-to-no IT lift. 

  • Direct API connection for rating
  • Widely accepted rating variables
  • More accurately price and avoid risk


New Business Underwriting

Instant clarity on every property

Improve underwriting speed and accuracy by automating inspections, straight-through-processing solid risks, and drilling down on properties that need attention.

  • Automate and accelerate workflows
  • All your COPE data in one place
  • Virtualize Loss Control



Existing Business Renewals

Continuously monitor property condition

Using automated change detections and an archive of historical imagery, see how properties change over time, avoiding surprises at time of renewal.

  • Get notified about property changes
  • Respond to changing conditions
  • Always get the right rate




Streamline your claims experience

Accurately and rapidly respond to claims with a complete view of near-real-time property condition, confidently responding to legitimate losses and mitigating fraudulent claims. 

  • Know before FNOL
  • Speed recovery 
  • Reduce fraud



Customer Perspectives

Industry Leaders Trust Betterview

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Lines of Business


Automate inspection and underwriting process by quickly identifying low-risk homes. Strategically inspect high-risk properties virtually, avoiding costly inspections. Provide instant and accurate quotes while saving millions in operational costs.

High-Value Homes

Identify unique features like tennis courts, stables, detached garages, or complex roof structures. Confidently price and write high-value policies while providing the best Customer Service to policyholders conditioned to exceptional interactions.


Know a farmhouse’s exposure to perils such as fire, windstorm, hail, and quickly validate the replacement cost. Identify additional structures like barns, silos, stables, sheds, and heavy equipment to set appropriate coverage limits.

Business Owners Policies (BOP)

Discover the risk associated with a business such as roof condition, crime in the neighborhood, business data, and peril exposure risk. Reveal building survivability, replacement costs, and potential business interruption.

Middle Market Commercial

Inspect individual buildings on a large property to determine the health of the total policy. Look at peril risks, property attributes detected by computer vision, and the 3D views of the property to provide accurate pricing and policy terms.

Excess & Surplus (E&S)

When insuring unique high-risk properties and dealing with tighter regulations, understanding a policy’s current and future risks is crucial in reducing losses with integrated partner insights and ensuring ongoing stability through continuous monitoring.

CB Insights VPA Leader Chart


Recognized as Market Leader

CB Insights has named Betterview the market leader in virtual property appraisals for insurers needing to accurately assess the condition and risk of properties.

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Accelerate your digital transformation

with Betterview’s Property Intelligence & Risk Management Solution. Identify and mitigate risks, automate pricing and underwriting, and transform your property insurance from Repair-and-Replace to Predict-and-Prevent. Contact us today to learn more.


Recognitions and Certifications

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