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Accurate & Actionable

Hurricane Risk Insights

Get powerful predictive analytics and accurate risk assessments for individual properties to reduce exposure to hurricane damage.

Betterview Hurricane Risk Insights

  • Combine Structural Vulnerability & Hazard Probability
    Using Betterview accurate property data and industry trusted 3rd party hazard data to get a complete picture of hurricane risk.
  • Assess Portfolio-level Hurricane Risk
    Confidently write in hurricane-prone regions and be profitable.
  • Proactively Mitigate Hurricane Risk
    Protect policyholders and communities, while reducing avoidable losses.
  • Optimize Pricing & Rating
    With granular transparent scores pre-filed in hurricane-prone states.
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Hurricane Vulnerability Score

Computer vision analyzes aerial imagery and detects property-level vulnerabilities such as roof condition, tree overhang, debris, and defensible space, and displays an easy-to-understand 1-5 vulnerability score. The lower the score, the worse the risk.

The score is trained on historical claims/damages.

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Regional and local Partner Hazard data shown on the Betterview Platform.

Regional/Local Partner Hazard Data

Access trusted third-party partners like Guidewire HazardHub and public data from FEMA for regional/local hazard information, including proximity to the coast, historical hurricane activity, and community resilience.

Confident Risk Selection

Make fast and accurate underwriting decisions from a single platform that combines regional/local peril information and property-level Hurricane Vulnerability Scores. Confidently renew or write new business in hurricane-prone regions.

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State-filed for Rating

Confidently apply our hurricane models to your ratings. Betterview has worked with Milliman Appleseed to pre-file our Hurricane Vulnerability Score with hurricane-prone states.

Contact us to learn more about the methodology and process.

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Hurricane Ida Case Study

A comparison between how Betterview-scored homes fared during a hurricane.


During Hurricane Ida, two homes on the same street in LaPlace, LA had vastly different outcomes. The first, with a Hurricane Vulnerability  Score of three and good defensible space, survived with minimal damage. The nearby home with a Vulnerability Score of two and less defensible space suffered significant roof and structural damages after the hurricane.

With Betterview's Hurricane Risk Insights, you can do more than just identify properties with high vulnerability scores and proactively recommend mitigation steps to policyholders. You can become the insurance hero that helps make homes and businesses more hurricane resilient, avoiding massive disruption and supporting recovery.

Experience the power of Hurricane Risk Insights


Betterview Hurricane Risk Insights White Paper

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White paper:

Hurricane Risk Insights. In this white paper discover:

  • The Research & Methodology Behind the Insights & Scores
  • How Vulnerability Scores Predict Hurricane Damage
  • How to Prevent Avoidable Losses & Protect Homes & Businesses

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