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Prevent Avoidable Losses with

Hurricane Risk Insights

The US has seen above-average hurricane activities for several consecutive seasons. These storms cause billions of dollars of losses, and untold amounts of human suffering. With comprehensive hurricane insights, insurance companies can now get ahead of the risk and protect policyholders’ homes and businesses.

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Hurricane Risk is Increasing in the US


Consecutive seasons of above-average hurricane activity1

21 storms

Predicted by NOAA, making it likely to be the 3rd most active season on record1

$80 billion

Damage caused by hurricanes in 20212

Insurers need an evolved solution for hurricane risk management  

Existing products focus exclusively on regional/local peril data, not property-level insights.

Data is isolated across different platforms, difficult and slow to analyze.

Insurers are forced to decline coverage or end business in certain states.

New Hurricane White Paper Available!

Betterview Hurricane Risk Insights White Paper
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Prevent Avoidable Hurricane Losses

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • How to see the complete picture of hurricane risk
  • The research and methodology behind the Hurricane Risk Insights and Vulnerability Score
  • How the Betterview Hurricane Vulnerability Score predicts hurricane damage
  • How you can prevent avoidable losses and protect more homes and businesses

Download the white paper today and read the blog to learn more!

Hurricane Risk Insights is the Solution

  • Computer vision analyzes aerial imagery and detects property-level vulnerabilities such as roof condition, tree overhang, debris, and defensible space, and displays an easy-to-understand 1-5 Hurricane Vulnerability Score. The lower the score, the worse the risk.

  • Insurers can also access trusted third-party partners such as HazardHub and public data like FEMA for regional/local hazard data including distance to the coast, historical hurricane activities, community resilience, and more.

  • With regional/local peril information combined with property-level Hurricane Vulnerability Scores, you now get a complete picture of hurricane risk in a single platform for fast, accurate, and confident underwriting decisions.


Get Actionable Insights to Protect Homes and Businesses

Hurricane Risk Insights display granular property conditions, so agents and underwriters truly understand hurricane risk and can proactively recommend mitigation steps to policyholders. Then, you can confidently write the insurance coverage they need to protect their homes and businesses.


Two homes on the same street in LaPlace, LA. We analyzed the aerial imagery, detected property-level vulnerabilities such as roof staining, worn shingles, and defensible space, and generated vulnerability scores, before Hurricane Ida.

We found two homes on the same street in our research on the 2021 Hurricane Ida. The first, with a Hurricane Vulnerability Score of three and good defensible space, survived with minimal damage. The nearby home with a Vulnerability Score of two and less defensible space suffered significant roof and structural damages after the hurricane.

What if the neighbor's insurance company had seen the risk and proactively recommended steps like replacing the roof before the hurricane hit? With the most effective information, you can be the hero to help make homes and businesses more hurricane resilient, avoiding massive disruption and supporting recovery.