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Predict & Prevent Hail Losses with

Hail Risk Insights

Hail damage is one of the main drivers for roof replacement. Researchers anticipate fewer hail days but significantly higher damage potential in the traditional hail alley states in the near future1.

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Annual Hail-related Insurance Losses2

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Hail is one of the most common causes of roof damage

Hail is one of US insurers’ most common and costly perils, generating billions of dollars in claims yearly. Insurance companies need more transparent, actionable, and comprehensive hail risk insights. Risk insights, including regional/local hazard exposure and property-level vulnerability, to accurately predict and prevent future hail losses.

The Problems with Traditional Hail Risk Solutions:

  • No property-specific vulnerability
    (Primarily on regional/local peril)

  • Limited transparent & actionable data

  • No easy-to-understand,  all-inclusive score

  • No simplification of underwriting workflows
    (Focus primarily on claims and not underwriting)

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Hazard x Vulnerability

Capturing the Full Picture of Hail Risk

Enhanced Hail Score

The strongest & most precise indicator of hail probability

We partner with HazardHub, a Guidewire Analytics product, to provide regional/local hail hazard data. This score is designed to predict the probability of a hail event happening at a specific property, based on historical data and geospatial modeling, including the number of damaging events in the last 20 years within 25 miles, and the nearest event – the year, size, and distance from a property, etc.  

This score is one of the strongest and most precise indicators of hail hazard. 

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Hail Vulnerability Score

The most accurate & actionable indicator of hail Survivability

Our industry-leading computer vision analyzes aerial imagery and detects property-level vulnerabilities. We then match these detections with historical hail claims to identify factors that led to hail losses, such as roof staining, roof material, and missing shingles.

The Betterview Hail Vulnerability Score is the most transparent and actionable indicator of hail vulnerability for residential and commercial properties.


Hail Claim Predictor

The Most Accurate Combination of Event Probability and Property Survivability

Combining the HazardHub Enhanced Hail Score and the Betterview Hail Vulnerability Score, the Hail Claim Predictor is a single, transparent, and actionable predictor of overall hail claims risk.

  • Optimize Risk Selection & Rate Segmentation

    Write profitable business in hail-prone areas.

  • Automate Underwriting Decisions & Workflows

    Single, easy-to-understand predictor - available in Guidewire & Betterview.

  • Build Stronger Customer Relationships

    Proactively communicate exposure and mitigation steps. Minimize disruption to policyholders’ lives.


* Our study shows that the all-inclusive Hail Claim Predictor is highly predictive of future hail claims. Properties we score as extremely high hail claim risk have 3.14X the incidence of hail claims when compared to the entire sample.

Experience the power of Hail Claim Predictor,
and its advantages over traditional hail risk solutions

HazardHub Enhanced Hail Score, the Betterview Hail Vulnerability Score, and the all-inclusive Hail Claim Predictor are available through API, Guidewire PolicyCenter & InsuranceNow Accelerators, EDW, and integrated into our Property Intelligence & Risk Management platform.

Download the Hail Risk Insights Overview

Get all the information regarding the Hail Claim Predictor, powered by HazardHub and Betterview, the Enhanced Hail Score from HazardHub, and the Hail Vulnerability Score from Betterview. Download it today and take it with you in Adobe PDF format. 

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