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                                      We are business creators and growers with insurance & technology industry expertise.

                                      Headshot David Lyman

                                      David Lyman

                                      CO-FOUNDER & CEO

                                      David has built various businesses and information systems. Most recently he was the technical co-founder of NutshellMail, which he sold to Constant Contact in 2010.

                                      Headshot David Tobias

                                      David Tobias

                                      CO-FOUNDER & COO

                                      Dave scaled insurance loss control company, Research Specialist Incorporated (acquired by CCG), to >30k inspections per year with >500 inspectors across the United States.

                                      Headshot Adam Frew

                                      Adam Frew

                                      HEAD OF MARKETING
                                      Headshot Adam Nunes

                                      Adam Nunes

                                      DIRECTOR OF SALES
                                      Headshot Armin Monajemi

                                      Armin Monajemi

                                      VP, Strategic Partnerships
                                      Bill Warrick cropped

                                      Bill Warrick

                                      SENIOR CONTROLLER
                                      Headshot Brian Halderman

                                      Brian Halderman

                                      STAFF SOFTWARE ENGINEER
                                      Headshot Carlos Tuzon

                                      Carlos Tuzon

                                      BRAND AND MARKETING DESIGNER
                                      Headshot Derek Price

                                      Derek Price

                                      MANAGER, BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE
                                      Doug Guirlinger cropped

                                      Doug Guirlinger

                                      SALES ENGINEER
                                      Headshot Evan Freethy

                                      Evan Freethy

                                      SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER
                                      Franco picture cropped

                                      Franco Chan

                                      PRODUCT MARKETING MANAGER
                                      Headshot Hiro Kobayashi

                                      Hiro Kobayashi

                                      SR MACHINE LEARNING ENGINEER
                                      Headshot Ilsoo Seong

                                      Ilsoo Seong

                                      SENIOR MACHINE LEARNING ENGINEER
                                      Headshot Jason Bonner

                                      Jason Bonner

                                      DIRECTOR OF PRODUCT MANAGEMENT
                                      Headshot Jason Janofsky

                                      Jason Janofsky

                                      VP OF ENGINEERING & CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER
                                      jBrunelle Cropped

                                      Jeff Brunelle

                                      DIRECTOR OF SALES
                                      Jeff Heine

                                      Jeff Heine

                                      CHIEF REVENUE OFFICER
                                      Jenna cropped

                                      Jenna Thomason

                                      PROJECT MANAGER - DATA ANNOTATION
                                      Headshot Jennifer Nelson

                                      Jennifer Nelson

                                      STAFF SOFTWARE ENGINEER
                                      Headshot Joseph Green

                                      Joseph Green

                                      SENIOR WRITER
                                      Josh Hall cropped

                                      Josh Hall

                                      DIRECTOR OF SALES
                                      Headshot Juanita Torres

                                      Juanita Torres

                                      SENIOR ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT
                                      Headshot Julius Simonelli

                                      Julius Simonelli

                                      DIRECTOR OF MACHINE LEARNING
                                      Karl Golland cropped

                                      Karl Golland

                                      DEVOPS ENGINEER
                                      Kent Krueger Circle

                                      Kent Krueger

                                      DIRECTOR OF SALES
                                      Kyle Pelecky

                                      Kyle Pelecky

                                      VP OF CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE
                                      Lee Acker Cropped

                                      Lee Acker

                                      SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER
                                      Headshot Madeleine Lopeman

                                      Madeleine Lopeman

                                      DIRECTOR OF DATA SCIENCE
                                      Headshot Matt McMaster

                                      Matt McMaster

                                      BUSINESS ANALYST
                                      Mia Righetti

                                      Mia Righetti

                                      EVENTS MANAGER
                                      Headshot Mike Keller

                                      Mike Keller

                                      SENIOR SITE RELIABILITY ENGINEER
                                      Headshot Mike Zimmer

                                      Mike Zimmer

                                      LEAD DESIGNER
                                      Neil Weiss

                                      Neil Weiss

                                      DIRECTOR OF SALES
                                      Headshot Nick Molyneux

                                      Nick Molyneux

                                      DIRECTOR OF SOFTWARE ENGINEERING
                                      Nicole Panella Cropped

                                      Nicole Panella

                                      SALES OPERATIONS MANAGER


                                      Niloufar Karimipour

                                      DATA ANNOTATION ANALYST
                                      Headshot Patty Scott

                                      Patty Scott

                                      SENIOR TALENT ACQUISITION SPECIALIST
                                      Headshot Peter Tran

                                      Peter Tran

                                      SENIOR MACHINE LEARNING ENGINEER
                                      Headshot Rob Stephenson

                                      Rob Stephenson

                                      DIRECTOR OF SALES
                                      Headshot Robert Garbowski

                                      Robert Garbowski

                                      SENIOR UI DESIGNER
                                      Ryan Smith Cropped

                                      Ryan Smith

                                      DIRECTOR OF PRODUCT MARKETING
                                      Sebastian Cunich Cropped

                                      Sebastian Axl Cunich

                                      IT SUPPORT TECHNICIAN
                                      Sean Ridge

                                      Sean Ridge

                                      SR DATA SCIENTIST
                                      Shiva Jabarnia

                                      Shiva Jabarnia

                                      DATA SCIENTIST
                                      Tanner Gruebele Cropped

                                      Tanner Gruebele

                                      SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER
                                      Headshot Vance Suarez-Tapia

                                      Vance Suarez-Tapia

                                      OPERATIONS COORDINATOR


                                      Board David Lyman

                                      David Lyman

                                      CO-FOUNDER & CEO
                                      Board David Tobias

                                      David Tobias

                                      CO-FOUNDER & COO
                                      Board Josh Nussbaum

                                      Josh Nussbaum

                                      PARTNER AT COMPOUND
                                      Board Dave Miles

                                      Dave Miles

                                      CO-FOUNDER & MANAGING PARTNER, MANCHESTER STORY
                                      Board Brian Desmond

                                      Brian Desmond

                                      CMO, GUIDEWIRE SOFTWARE

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