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Ai-powered insights

Identify & Manage
Peril Risk

Get ahead of peril events with Betterview’s AI-powered insights. Analyze property condition, regional hazard, and more geospatial datapoints for a complete, predictive view of exposure to wildfires, hurricanes, hailstorms, and more. 

  • Predict and prevent losses
  • Maintain profitability in hazard-prone regions
  • Expand protection for homes, businesses, and communities.

Perils Overview Hero v2

Betterview combines regional hazard data with property-level vulnerability insights for a complete, transparent view of risk.

Built in collaboration with industry-trusted partners, peril insights empower insurers to proactively recommend risk mitigation steps to policyholders.

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What insights do we offer?

Vulnerability Scores:

Betterview offers Peril Vulnerability Scores for severe weather events such as wildfires, hurricanes, hail, and wind. Based on historical claims datasets and computer vision detections like defensible space and roof condition, these scores enable rapid, accurate underwriting and rating decisions in high-hazard regions.

Claim Predictors:

We combine partner-sourced hazard scores with our AI-powered vulnerability scores to make all-inclusive Claim Predictors. Synthesizing property-level vulnerability with historical event data and predictive modeling, each Claim Predictor is a single, most precise, and actionable indicator of future claims.


Filed for Rating

Milliman Appleseed is an advisory organization licensed to submit loss costs, rating factors, and risk scores with state insurance regulators across the U.S. Backed by Milliman, one of the world's largest providers of actuarial, risk management, and technology solutions, Appleseed enables insurtechs to meet regulatory requirements faster, more easily, and at lower cost. Collaborating with Milliman Appleseed and using their extensive ratemaking experience and trusted relationships with state insurance regulators, Betterview's predictive peril scores are validated for fast, cost-efficient approvals. 

Betterview Hurricane
Vulnerability Score
Rate Filing_Hurricane_Jan_12_2024_Alt2
Betterview wildfire
Vulnerability Score

Rate Filing_Wildfire_Jan_12_2024_Alt2

Betterview hail/wind
Vulnerability Score

Rate Filing_Hail_Wind_Jan_12_2024_Alt2


Peril Insights Address the Biggest Challenges Facing Insurers Today.

Combat inflated replacement costs and premium leakage by accurately matching price to risk for policies in peril zones.

Modern insurance customers require a more thoughtful, personalized approach to risk management. Meet these evolving expectations with insights that proactively inform policyholders of their level of peril exposure. 

Increasing risk calls for a higher quality of property intelligence. Our peril insights are predictive and actionable, helping to build resilience amidst a changing climate.

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