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Predict & Prevent Wind Damage With

Wind Risk Insights from Betterview

Leverage AI-powered Wind Insights to:

  • Price risk accurately in wind-prone regions
  • Predict future wind claims from combined hazard and vulnerability data
  • Collaborate with policyholders to take risk-mitigating actions


Betterview Wind Vulnerability Score

The Wind Vulnerability Score is a reliable indicator of a property’s survivability after a wind event. It is based on historical claims datasets and Betterview’s Computer Vision detections, considering risk factors including roof material, shape, and condition.


Wind Hazard Scores

Indicators of Wind Probability from third-party Partners

We partner with trusted hazard data providers such as HazardHub (Guidewire) and FEMA to provide the probability of future wind events. Wind hazard scores are available in the Betterviews platform, alongside supporting data such as historical events, wind speed, and expected annual loss.

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Wind Claim Predictor

The Most Accurate Combination of Event Probability and Property Survivability

The Wind Claim Predictor combines Betterview’s property-level insights with regional hazard score from HazardHub (Guidewire) or FEMA. This single, transparent, and actionable predictor accurately determines overall claim risk, empowering insurers to make rapid, confident decisions to mitigate risk and reduce exposure

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State-filed for Rating

Confidently apply our wind models to your ratings. Betterview has worked with Milliman Appleseed to pre-file our Wind Vulnerability models with over nine relevant states.

Contact us to learn more about the methodology and process.

How do we Improve on Existing Wind Solutions?


  • Simplified, intuitive scores for streamlined workflows
  • Focus on structural vulnerability AND regional hazard
  • Transparent, actionable data to predict and prevent losses


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Get ahead of peril events with Betterview’s AI-powered insights.

Betterview combines regional hazard data with property-level vulnerability insights for a complete and transparent view of risk. Built in collaboration with industry-trusted partners, peril insights empower insurers to proactively recommend risk mitigation steps to policyholders.

About Milliman

Milliman is an independent risk management and technology firm with over 75 years of experience. They empower insurers and other global organizations to create elegant solutions and products that protect individuals, while helping carriers mitigate risk. Partnering with Milliman Appleseed and using their proven ratemaking methods and relationships with state insurance regulators, Betterview's predictive peril scores are validated for fast, cost-efficient approvals.