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For Every Role,
For Every Goal

The Betterview Platform serves your needs wherever you sit in the P&C policy lifecycle.


Use Cases



Increase speed, accuracy, and data integrity

Provide more accurate quotes with less effort, improving your customer experience and conversion from quote to bind.

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Your expertise where it's needed most

Improve the speed and accuracy of Underwriting by filtering properties so you can spend time where it counts.

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Loss Control & Risk Engineering


Quickly understand your risks

It's like a credit score for properties that informs efficient decisions to approve, deny, or take a closer look.

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Policy Renewal


Know before you renew

Properties change over time. When a policy is up. Take the opportunity to assess and manage risk.

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Ease the burden of proof

Betterview gives you tools to gain an accurate understanding to confidently pay claims and avoid litigation.

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Empower your whole company

Betterview allows the whole team to do their best work. Our platform augments your company’s process from all perspectives.


for Leadership...

"Betterview’s property data is helping our underwriters to identify roofs that are at risk of failing in the near future. This information allows us to work with our customers to get ahead of any problems before they can turn into a claim."


for Data Science...

"After assessing many other companies in the marketplace, we quickly noticed how Betterview's experience translated into significantly better software, services, and data for insurers like Nationwide. These capabilities will drive faster response in the wake of catastrophic events, enhanced underwriting sophistication for day-to-day business and a better overall experience for our members."


for IT...

"Betterview’s mission, value proposition, and momentum situate the company well as P&C insurers increasingly seek to work with InsureTechs that add demonstrable value throughout the lifecycle."

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Move to Predict and Prevent

Betterview empowers insurance companies to transition away from the old mentality of Repair and Replace and toward the proactive Predict and Prevent.

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