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Best for Underwriting

Ortho Map, 3-D Model, Roof Inspection Report

Detailed View

Best for Claims

Overview + Obliques & Roof Measurements

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Coming Soon: Annual audits, penetration testing, & industry-leading data security certification. Ensures security, availability, integrity, confidentiality & privacy.


We carry the full suite of coverage including $5M in cyber, $2M in general liability, $2M in E&O, and more. Full summary available upon request.

Enterprise Authentication

Built on industry-leading authentication platform, Auth0, for maximum security, compliance, and support of enterprise identity standards.

Insurance Industry Backed

Our funding includes financial backing from Nationwide and Maiden Re. We have also built a strategic partnership with Munich Re.

All the data you need to make quick decisions

Historical Imagery

Instantly understand the current state of the roof and determine your next step.

Roof Characteristics

Output helps you identify risks – from roof shape and material to measuring the severity of damage, ponding, rust, and tree overhang.

Property Characteristics

Quickly determine physical characteristics including pool, trampoline, fencing, etc.

Assessor Data

All the basics without navigating the ugliest websites on earth. We’ve got you covered.

Historical Weather

At at-a-glance view allows you to explore years of weather history to see what the property has seen.

Location-specific Risk

Get risk data from a number of factors including earth, wind, fire, water, and man-made.

Choose the right imagery to fit the job

We offer various types to get you quick and cost-effective insight.

Satellite Around Globe


Up to 30cm/pixel resolution with historical archives going back as far as 2000. IR can see through clouds and smoke.

Manned Aerial

Manned Aerial

Up to 7cm/pixel resolution with multiple captures per year, including nearly immediately after catastrophes. Archive imagery goes back as far as 2014.

Platform on Tablet

Take a closer look by getting a detailed profile, report & estimate.

High Resolution Imagery

Quickly and easily find shape, material, tree overhang, damage, ponding, rust, etc.

Orthomosaic Map

Betterview stitches together the hundreds of images into a seamless orthomosaic map.

3D Model

Betterview’s advanced processing engine generates 3D models on which measurements can be taken.

Damage Detection

Betterview’s advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) see better than the human eye to find every flaw.


Expert unbiased analysis will provide recommendations for action steps for existing problems.

PDF Report

Receive a comprehensive analysis with executive summary, imagery, and recommendations.


Quickly and easily get all the measurements you need to properly assess a property.


Bolster your Roof report with addition of a Symbility® estimate for repairing or replacing a roof.