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Introducing Hurricane Risk Insights

The US has seen above-average hurricane activities for several consecutive seasons. These storms cause billions of dollars of losses, and untold amounts of human suffering. With comprehensive hurricane insights, insurance companies can now get ahead of the risk and protect policyholders’ homes and businesses.

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Wildfire Risk Insights

Wildfires across the USA are increasing in frequency and severity. They are spreading into states that have never before dealt with losing entire communities. With comprehensive wildfire insights, insurance companies can now help save policyholders' homes and businesses.

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Defensible Space

The new Defensible Space Map on the Betterview Platform shows underwriters the exact amount of Defensible Space in three different zones on the property. The map spotlights tree cover, yard debris, secondary structures, and any other factors which take away from total Defensible Space.

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Defensible Space

Risk Scoring

Betterview scores properties based on their predicted probability of loss over time. This helps you automate your process for both low risk and high risk properties.



Measure the correlation between predicted losses of properties you insure based on Betterview's risk score so that you can establish guidelines for using the score to drive automation in your process.


Property Data

Computer Vision and human analysis of attributes and dimensions in manned aircraft and satellite geoimagery.


Condition Evaluation

From roof shape and material to measuring the severity of damage, ponding, rust, and tree overhang.


Property Characteristics

Quickly determine physical characteristics including pool, trampoline, fencing, etc.


Building Footprints

Quickly and easily get all the measurements you need to properly assess a property.


Common Regional Perils

Understand a property's exposure along with hints of how it will fair during inclement weather.

Defensible Space icon

Defensible Space

See and act on Defensible Space surrounding properties. Predict and Prevent damage from CAT and severe weather events.


Building Permits

Easily see all of the permits that have been filed for the property.


Assessor's Data

All the basics without navigating the ugliest websites on earth. We’ve got you covered.

Imagery & Coverage

Betterview has the highest hit rate and most recent coverage of any other company by sourcing imagery from multiple providers.


Manned Aerial

Up to 7cm/pixel resolution with multiple captures per year, including nearly immediately after catastrophes. Imagery goes back as far as 2014.



Up to 30cm/pixel resolution with historical archives going back as far as 2000. IR can see through clouds and smoke.

100% Coverage

in the United States

Check Betterview's coverage for your policies in force.

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All shapes and sizes

The Betterview platform works well no matter the size of property you’re working with.



No more lengthy integration cycles!

We understand that every carrier faces IT burdens to getting software solutions off the ground. On day one, Betterview has the ability to start returning valuable insights.




Using our powerful REST API, Betterview can receive and return results for a truly automated workflow.



Web-based Interface

Betterview's intuitive user interface allows your underwriters to investigate properties during the underwriting process. Every underwriter in your organization can have access to Betterview's user interface.


Batch Processing

Betterview can accept CSV files for large renewal books and recently bound new business. This requires no integration, and an immediate line of sight to how you can begin actioning off of our data.




Betterview is also a partner of Guidewire. With a direct Guidewire integration, mutual clients can leverage our capabilities through the Guidewire Marketplace.



The Betterview platform can be easily integrated into your own UI with a simple iframe, maintaining a single, easy-to-use SaaS interface for your underwriters.



We are laser focused on serving the P&C insurance industry. Our architecture was designed with you in mind.



SOC 2 Type 2 Certified

Annual audits, penetration testing, & industry-leading data security certification. Ensures security, availability, integrity, confidentiality & privacy.


Fully Insured

We carry the full suite of coverage including $5M in cyber, $2M in general liability, $2M in E&O, and more. Full summary available upon request.


Insurance Industry Backed

Our funding includes financial backing from Nationwide, EMC, and Maiden Re. We have also built a strategic partnership with Munich Re.


Enterprise Authentication

Built on industry-leading authentication platform, Auth0, for maximum security, compliance, and support of enterprise identity standards.


Our solutions are specifically designed for the P&C policy lifecycle.




Underwriting Loss Control Policy Renewal

Turn data into calculated actions with PropertyAction. Our flexible rules engine and customizable flagging system allows underwriters to prioritize high risk properties and fast track solid risks. 100% customizable to each organization’s individual standards.



Loss Control Claims PropertyPulse

Properties change over time. With PropertyPulse, never let these changes take you by surprise again. Our platform continually monitors property conditions so you can proactively mitigate risk, and be completely up to date when it comes time for claims and policy renewals.



Quoting Underwriting Loss Control

There’s no second guessing needed with PropertyInsight. Gain a complete understanding of conditions and risk with the most comprehensive single-page view of a property – powered by proprietary machine vision technology to identify current and historical risks.



Quoting Marketing

Generate fast and accurate quotes with instant, pre-fill data. Don’t leave customers waiting – PropertyNow delivers the right quote for every property at sub-second speeds.


Move to Predict and Prevent

Betterview empowers insurance companies to transition away from the old mentality of Repair and Replace and toward the proactive Predict and Prevent.

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