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Assess Property-Specific Flood Risk Analytics in Betterview


Betterview & True Flood Risk


Detect precise flood risk for every property in your book, based on the industry’s best First Floor Height (FFH) data, location awareness, and community awareness information from True Flood Risk, combined with the best property intelligence from Betterview. 

  • Streamline underwriting by viewing True Flood Risk data within our Analytics UI, and flagging against other property data points such as roof condition, historical flood events, and replacement cost.
  • Optimize pricing models and risk selection for your whole book with comprehensive property insights.
  • Proactively notify customers of potential flooding, mitigate risk by moving valuable assets to higher ground.

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"Add a quote from a customer using both e2Value and Betterview! Something truly astounding! (Preferably without the exclamation marks!)"

— Adam G. Frew
CMO, Betterview

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Get instant access to accurate and affordable FFH data, and other flood data such as distance from flood zone, and the level of public awareness in the community, for the most reliable indicator of every property’s flood vulnerability.

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Integrate Today!

True Flood Risk and Betterview add more power and insight when combined. We are happy to show you how easy it is to integrate your systems today.

Launched in 2017, True Flood Risk was founded as a mission driven company dedicated to help property owners and communities understand and plan for flood risk. The first solution, a patented online tool to estimate the first floor height of a property helped homeowners in the United States.

In a few short years, True Flood Risk has rapidly scaled into a leading global AI-driven risk management platform pioneering the next generation of geolocation intelligence for flood risk. Today, True Flood Risk provides instant property analytics, flood risk reports and cost-benefit mitigation strategies to accelerate climate resilience for over 250M properties worldwide.