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Available through Partner Connect

Rapidly View Exterior & Interior Property Condition 


Betterview & Plnar


Betterview has partnered with Plnar, the AI-powered virtual inspection software for the P&C insurance industry. Plnar allows policyholders with a smartphone to document interior property damage, and it automatically generates complete data sets, room plans, measurement reports, and 3D models.

Betterview users can view the imagery and access plans and reports from Plnar directly in the Betterview platform.


A Holistic View of Real Property Conditions

  • Quickly and remotely evaluate the extent of interior damage following a loss event 
  • Reduce the need for physical property inspections and better direct inspection resources
  • Boost claims efficiency by viewing the exterior and interior property condition and overall risk within one platform


Plnar product available in Partner Connect

"Add a quote from a customer using both e2Value and Betterview! Something truly astounding! (Preferably without the exclamation marks!)"

— Adam G. Frew
CMO, Betterview

Plnar-Mobile-Device-SNAP-home      PLNAR-3D-Model-Open-Concept-Kitchen

Virtual Claims Solution:

  • The Plnar Snap app guides users through simple, standardized steps to capture photos. Plnar then automatically transforms the photos into complete data sets, room plans, measurement reports, and 3D models.
  • The Snap App and Plnar Portal offer quick and precise building material identification from images, with immediate CSV report downloads.
  • Contents Identification highlights valuable items and provides insights into a property's function, with easy LKQ (Like, Kind, and Quality) valuations and instant report access.

Integrate Today!

Plnar and Betterview add more power and insight when combined. We are happy to show you how easy it is to integrate your systems today.

Plnar is an InsureTech software provider transforming the insurance claims process by enabling virtual inspections for interior property claims for significantly better customer experiences, shorter cycle times and lower costs. Plnar’s patented technology platform gives desk adjusters the power to generate accurate 3D models of interior spaces as well as identifying damages, materials, and contents automatically from digital photos. Plnar streamlines the claims process for quicker, more efficient settlement.