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Guidewire HazardHub

The most comprehensive hazard data in the most accurate property intelligence platform.

HazardHub Reports

Holistic View of Risk

Leverage HazardHub's granular and constantly updated hazard risk data & scoring to enrich Betterview's AI-powered vulnerability insights. From HazardHub's Fire Hydrant database to Betterview's defensible space detection, the two combined empower underwriters to manage overall peril risk in a single, intuitive UI.

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  • Streamline & automate underwriting with HazardHub's peril and permit data and Betterview's property vulnerability insights.  
  • Accurately assess complete property risk amidst changing weather patterns, expanding business even in hazard-prone regions. 
  • Accelerate pricing, rating, & quoting with pre-filed scores and models.

Combining Hazard & Vulnerability

To Capture the Full Picture of Peril Risk

Hail or Wind Claim Predictor

Betterview partners with HazardHub to provide two accurate predictors of future hail or wind claims 


(Regional/Local Likelihood)



(Property-level Vulnerability)


Claim Risk

(Overall Exposure) 

HazardHub Enhanced

Hail or Wind Score

hail-insight-prod-page-hvs-graphic copy

The strongest & most precise indicator of regional hail or wind probability


Betterview Hail or Wind

Vulnerability Score


The most accurate & actionable indicator of hail or wind survivability, trained by historical claim datasets


Hail or Wind

Claim Predictor


The most accurate combination of event probability and property survivability, predicting hail or wind claims



Products Available in Partner Connect


Risks & Enhanced Property Perils

Over a thousand property and casualty risk data for any U.S. location, including risk grades and scores for multiple perils such as fire, wind, water, and manmade disasters 



Residential & Commercial permit data, including permit type, date, amount, contractor, and status.

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Partner Perspectives

Get a complete view of both regional hazards and property-level vulnerability with data from Betterview and Guidewire HazardHub. Watch to learn more.

Start Using HazardHub Today

HazardHub and Betterview together increase underwriting efficiency with valuable insights for peril and severe weather. We are happy to show you how easy it is to integrate your systems today.

HazardHub from Guidewire is the most comprehensive set of property risk data, casualty risk data, and hazard risk scoring in the P&C insurance industry. HazardHub is a division of Guidewire, the platform P&C insurers trust to engage, innovate, and grow efficiently.