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Protect communities with the FEMA National Risk Index in the Betterview platform. 


Betterview & FEMA


FEMA's National Risk Index is an online mapping application that presents a comprehensive view of community risk associated with 18 natural hazards. It provides interactive maps at both county and Census tract levels, displaying natural hazard risk metrics, projected annual losses, social vulnerability, and community resilience. This accessible GIS data allows users to gain a holistic understanding of hazard risks. 


Combine publicly sourced, community-level hazard data from FEMA with property-specific, AI-powered vulnerability data from Betterview. Empower underwriters, agents, and claims professionals to:

  • Understand & reduce the impact of catastrophic and severe weather events on communities 

  • Accelerate workflows with a granular, map-based view of community and property-level risk and resilience 

  • Communicate risk drivers to policyholders before disaster strikes 

Combining Hazard & Vulnerability

To Capture the Full Picture of Peril Risk


A comprehensive dataset of community risk for natural hazard from FEMA



Betterview Vulnerability scores trained by historical claim datasets to identify property-level factors that led to losses, such as roof staining, roof material, and defensible spaces



Individual, holistic claim predictors proven to indicate the possibility of claims 



FEMA tools available in Partner Connect

"Add a quote from a customer using both e2Value and Betterview! Something truly astounding! (Preferably without the exclamation marks!)"

— Adam G. Frew
CMO, Betterview

National Risk Index

The FEMA National Risk Index is a dataset and online tool to help illustrate the United States communities most at risk for 18 natural hazards, including coastal flooding, riverine flooding, hail, hurricane, and wildfire.  


The risk equation behind the Risk Index includes three components: a natural hazards component (Expected Annual Loss), a consequence enhancing component (Social Vulnerability), and a consequence reduction component (Community Resilience). 

With this data, you can discover a holistic view of community risk to natural hazards.

Integrate Today!

FEMA and Betterview add more power and insight when combined. We are happy to show you how easy it is to integrate your systems today.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is a United States government agency dedicated to supporting citizens and first responders in ensuring the country's ability to build, sustain, and improve its capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards.