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View Property Replacement Costs Directly within Betterview

Betterview & e2Value


Rapidly access accurate and consistent replacement costs from e2Value, the leading supplier of property valuation data. Empower underwriters to make rapid, informed decisions, getting ahead of economic fluctuations and inflation.

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e2Value Replacement Cost
  • Faster quote turnaround, driving down underwriting expenses and improving broker/insurer relationships.
  • Enhance property risk insights with accurate replacement costs from e2Value and vulnerability detections from Betterview, all in a single, intuitive interface.
  • Retain full control with editable fields for e2Value - instantly update replacement cost based on new materials, new roof type, etc.


e2Value products available in Partner Connect



Property valuation for any commercial structure, from smaller retail shops to larger, more complex facilities such as hospitals, warehouses, schools, and manufacturing centers 



Residential property valuation based on construction type, construction quality, foundation type, living area square footage, locale, and more


ProntoLite Commercial

Simplified version of Pronto Commercial


ProntoLite Residential

Simplified version of Pronto Residential

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Partner Perspectives

Learn more about the e2Value integration from Skip Coan, Senior Vice President at e2Value.


"Add a quote from a customer using both e2Value and Betterview! Something truly astounding! (Preferably without the exclamation marks!)"

— Adam G. Frew
CMO, Betterview

Integrate Today!

e2Value and Betterview add more power and insight when combined. We are happy to show you how easy it is to integrate your systems today.

e2Value, Inc., is headquartered in Stamford, Conn., USA. e2Value was started in 2000 by former insurance company executives with extensive experience in low-, mid- and high-value homes and high-value commercial buildings. e2Value developed and patented a knowledge-based valuation system that emphasizes standardization and consistency. The system we developed, the Expert Valuation System (EVS™), did the one thing that no other provider had ever achieved —it is the one valuation system that can be used to calculate the value of any home or building, regardless of size or value.