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Accurate Data on Climate and Societal Risks


Betterview & Augurisk


Access proprietary risk assessments for 12 different societal and disaster factors, including crime, storms, wildfire, and flood risk from Augurisk. Combined with Betterview’s AI-powered property data, enhanced visualizations, and predictive risk scores, insurers can confidently assess complete property risk. 

Empower Underwriters with Risk Data
  • Easily assess property risk based on the socioeconomic risk factors, including a proprietary crime score, air quality index, and natural disaster risk 
  • Confidently underwrite policies with constantly updated proprietary data, algorithms, and risk scores 
  • Accelerate pricing, rating, and quoting with Augurisk’s risk scores and Betterview’s property vulnerability insights all in one platform 


Augurisk product available in Partner Connect

"Add a quote from a customer using both e2Value and Betterview! Something truly astounding! (Preferably without the exclamation marks!)"

— Adam G. Frew
CMO, Betterview


Comprehensive assessments of 12 climate and societal risk factors:

Natural disaster risks: Storms, Floods, Earthquakes, Wildfires, Drought, and Volcano activity

Societal risks: Crime Risk, Socioeconomic stability, Health infrastructure, Covid-19 risk, and Nuclear radiation

Integrate Today!

Augurisk and Betterview add more power and insight when combined. We are happy to show you how easy it is to integrate your systems today.

Augurisk is a comprehensive risk assessment platform covering risks such as Crime, Storms, Wildfires, Flood and 8 other risk factors utilizing proprietary data & scoring algorithms. Our mission is to help people and businesses better prepare for crime and natural disasters anywhere in the US. Enterprises use our data to decrease their risk exposure, create value for their users and help accelerate processes and sales growth.