Level up your Underwriting and Claim handling with better data across Quoting, Loss-Control, Policy Renewal, Property Monitoring, Investigation and Response, and Catastrophe Modeling


Increase speed and accuracy on new policy application forms using Betterview’s Instant API. Your customers will get more accurate quotes with less effort, improving your customer experience and conversion from quote to bind. All you have to do is provide Betterview’s Instant API with an address or geocode to get back valuable data in a few seconds.


Quickly understand the risks of a property in order to know if there are major problems or really low risk. Betterview’s Property Profile is like a credit score for properties, delivered in hours, that helps you more efficiently deploy boots-on-the-ground inspectors (or order a Betterview Drone Inspection), when needed, but avoid that expense when you already have the answer you need. You end up with more in-depth information than a traditional inspection process alone can provide, and if there building problemst uncovered, that can be delivered to your customers more quickly.

Policy Renewal

Properties change over time and can become more risky. Take the opportunity when a policy is up for renewal to assess and manage risk. Betterview’s Property Profile can help you identify if a property has become problematic. Using historical imagery, it can also help you know whether a repair or replacement was completed following a major claim so you can avoid getting hit with the same claim, twice. Send out an inspector to the property or order a Betterview Drone Inspection when you need even more information than Property Profile can provide. Property Profile is also an input to many of the replacement cost tools in the market, allowing you to easily adjust rates based on new data.

Property Monitoring

Imagine if you could identify a problem with a property before first notice of loss (FNOL), especially following a catastrophe? Betterview’s Property Profile has access to latest aerial and satellite imagery of properties, along with weather data. We usually have new imagery within a day or two of an area being impacted by a hurricane, wildfire, flood, or mudslide. Our AI can quickly assess the new imagery to determine if there is damage and notify you.

Investigation & Response

Pay every claim dollar you owe: no more, no less. The burden of proof is on the insurance company. You need data on your side. Betterview’s Property Profile and Drone Inspections are both valuable tools to gain an accurate understanding of a property’s condition and changes to that condition over time so that you can quickly and confidently pay claims and avoid litigation.

Catastrophe Modeling

Great modeling cannot overcome bad data. Improve the accuracy of your catastrophe models with more and better input data. Data from Betterview’s Property Profile enhances the accuracy and precision, especially when drilling down to the individual property level. Ride out the next storm with greater confidence in your CATcat models.

Integrated with leading platforms

Betterview is seamlessly integrated with Loss Control 360 for your convenience and to optimize your workflow. Two additional major integrations are coming soon. You can also directly integrate with our REST API.


Get more data when you need it

Betterview Dashboard gives you a better understanding of your risk pool by seeing all of your properties at a glance. Dive deeper into a specific property to get all the information you need to make better decisions.

Want to do it yourself?

Equip your people in the field with drones and Betterview’s software will guide the flight, organize the data, and make it accessible to your organization throughout any stage of the customer life-cycle.

Know Better

Whether you’re a carrier, inspection vendor, or a reinsurer, Betterview will help you identify roof and general property exposures so that they can be resolved or avoided before they become expensive claims.

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