Speed and Accuracy

Increase speed and accuracy on new applications using Betterview’s Instant API. Your customers will get more accurate quotes with less effort, improving your customer experience and conversion from quote to bind. All you have to do is provide Betterview’s Instant API with an address or geocode to get back valuable data in a few seconds.

Smarter Financing

Finance companies can use Betterview to evaluate the current condition of a property before extending credit. Whether you are financing the entire property or an improvement to it, you can evaluate risk with Betterview. Additionally, the aerial and satellite imagery can be used to track the installation process and monitor the property on an ongoing basis.

Get more data when you need it

Betterview Dashboard gives you a better understanding of your risk pool by seeing all of your properties at a glance. Dive deeper into a specific property to get all the information you need to make better decisions.

Want to do it yourself?

Equip your people in the field with drones and Betterview’s software will guide the flight, organize the data, and make it accessible to your organization throughout any stage of the customer life-cycle.

Know Better

Betterview will help you identify roof and general property flaws so that they can be addressed during the financing process.