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Analyze and manage risk with Betterview property intelligence and RedZone wildfire data


RedZone and Betterview — Better Together



Identify and manage risk with Betterview property insights to understand the condition of every property and roof in your book before taking policy action. Instantly see relevant risk drivers like defensible space and roof material, and our new Wildfire Vulnerability Score.

RedZone provides insight on fire severity, frequency, historical wildfire data, including the date of fires, the acreage burnt, and the distance from the property. Also included is an overall exposure score on a 1-50 scale.

Combined, Betterview and RedZone enable insurers to view properties that experienced fire damage in the past and predict properties at high risk of further damage in the future—all within a single intuitive interface.


RedZone product available in PartnerHub


Shows the date of historical wildfire events, distance from the property, total burnt acreage, historical losses, overall exposure score and more 


Analyze, Score, Mitigate

Underwriters use the Betterview flagging engine to create rules for which properties they spotlight based on relevant risk drivers. These rules filter high-risk properties based on Betterview and RedZone data — such as properties with low defensible space that have seen fire activity in the past. Underwriters can send out risk reports to agents and insureds, enabling them to take action and improve their risk. Additional automation includes stopping bind, non-renewal, inspection, exclusion, or ACV endorsement.  

“The team at RedZone has done a great job determining which areas of the country are the most susceptible to catastrophic fires. When you combine those datasets with Betterview’s building-level insights, insurers are empowered to take the immediate steps necessary to predict and prevent future damage.”
Kyle Pelecky
Vice President, Customer Experience

RedZone boasts the best-in-class expertise on wildfires and their impact on homes and businesses. They serve their clients and those clients' customers by aiding in the protection of property and assets, enhancing customer engagement and improving financial performance.

They are recognized as the leaders in wildfire modeling because of their unique combination of emergency management expertise combined with an enterprise-class analytical mapping platform. By combining advanced machine learning algorithms and highly trained analysts, their modeling solution provides highest accuracy and reliability on the market.

While RedZone specializes in wildfires, their platform can be used to analyze other natural disaster events including hurricanes, earthquakes, and severe weather.


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RedZone and Betterview add more power and insight when combined. We are happy to show you how easy it is to get going today.