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All the property data you need on a single familiar UI

Accelerate underwriting with Betterview property intelligence on Duck Creek OnDemand


Duck Creek and Betterview — Better Together


Leverage expansive, highly relevant property data from Betterview within Duck Creek OnDemand, the cloud-based, SaaS delivery solution trusted by leading insurance companies, with no lengthy integration.

  • Aerial Imagery

  • Computer vision detections
  • Customizable flags
  • Peril risk insights
  • Enhanced risk insights with third-party geospatial data

Key Benefits

With Betterview and Duck Creek together, insurers are empowered to:

  • Improve visibility on real property condition and risk.
  • Prioritize underwriting & IT resources for top business needs.
  • Streamline workflows and eliminate legacy systems to lower total cost of ownership.




See the integration in action

Our analysis shows that an average P&C carrier can save approximately 50,000 underwriting hours per year by using our property data and predictive analytics from the comfort of the Duck Creek platform.

HubSpot Video


Duck Creek Technologies is a leading provider of core system solutions to the P&C and general insurance industry. By accessing Duck Creek OnDemand, the company’s enterprise software-as-a-service solution, insurance carriers are able to navigate uncertainty and capture market opportunities faster than their competitors. Duck Creek’s functionally-rich solutions are available on a standalone basis or as a full suite, and all are available via Duck Creek OnDemand. For more information, visit


Integrate Today!

Duck Creek and Betterview add more power and insight when combined. We are happy to show you how easy it is to integrate your systems today.