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Identify and Select Commercial Risks with COPE Insights from Betterview and Carpe Data


Carpe Data & Betterview — Better Together




P&C insurers need a reliable source of COPE data (Construction, Occupancy, Protection, Exposure) to make informed underwriting decisions and avoid premium leakage. That’s why Betterview has partnered with Carpe Data to deliver accurate location-based occupancy data for over 40 million businesses.


Carpe Data product available in Partner Connect


The Minerva data suite from Carpe Data significantly accelerates the small business underwriting process by extracting relevant, accurate, and predictive data elements associated with a given business.

Insurers can access occupancy and business likeability data from Carpe Data through Partner Connect, the marketplace for third-party datasets and tools on the Betterview platform. Access to Carpe Data allows insurers to make strategic and immediate decisions throughout the policy lifecycle, optimizing underwriting efficiency, improving risk selection, and streamlining renewal.


Accelerate Underwriting & Optimize Pricing Strategy

The robust datasets from Carpe Data empower insurers to Classify & Describe small businesses across the country, and to Measure & Predict the impact of business attributes on overall risk. 


These insights from Carpe Data complement the COPE data already available on the Betterview platform, giving underwriters a more complete picture of property condition and risk. Using both together, underwriters can take action on properties immediately without relying on in-person inspections, reducing expenses without sacrificing accuracy. 

Using both sources of property data, insurers can achieve:

- Faster and more accurate underwriting/pricing

- Reduced fraud

- Lower loss outcomes

Carpe Data – Empowering Superior Insurance Decisions

Collaborating with insurance carriers to navigate the chaotic, ever-expanding data landscape, Carpe Data contextualizes online data bringing it into focus. Carpe Data transforms online information into predictive and actionable data, enabling automation and improving insurance outcomes across the policy lifecycle. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, Carpe Data employees span the US, UK and Portugal with a commitment to helping insurers achieve peak efficiency.

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Carpe Data and Betterview add more power and insight when combined. We are happy to show you how easy it is to get going today.