In case you missed our recent announcement, Betterview and Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.
(Munich Re) reached an agreement to offer drone imagery, analysis and reporting to Munich Re’s insurance company clients. As part of the agreement, Munich Re will refer insurance company clients that can benefit from the building/property data, analysis and insights that Betterview offers; interested insurance companies would be able to purchase Betterview’s services for a fee.

As Tim Brockett, Senior Vice President, Munich Re noted:

“We are always looking to collaborate and drive innovation activities with our insurance company clients.  Not only are we impressed with Betterview’s technical capabilities, we believe that their commitment to creating value for the insurance industry really sets them apart from their competitors in the drone space, delivering high-level data, analysis and insights into buildings and properties.”

Betterview, founded in late 2014, has successfully inspected over 15,000 properties for over 90 insurance clients.  Some of the capabilities of Betterview’s software & services include:

  • Full stack software solution that works world-wide
  • Artificial intelligence analysis based on over 1.5M analyzed & tagged photos of buildings & properties
  • 4,400+ on-demand drone pilot network in the U.S.
  • Claims reports generated by in-house adjusters and artificial intelligence
  • Drone pilot network partnerships in Canada & Europe
  • Reports to assess flood and wildfire risk exposure
  • Orthomosaic maps to derive building & property measurements
  • And more

“In addition, to the capabilities listed above, Betterview is uniquely positioned to meet the evolving needs of Munich Re’s clients,” noted Betterview’s Co-Founders Dave Tobias & David Lyman.

“Over the last few months, we have invested heavily into the expansion of our engineering and operations teams. This expansion has allowed us to focus on broadening our machine learning/computer vision capabilities, enhancing our software platform, creating new partnerships, as well as launching a soon to be released version two of our mobile application.”

For more information about this partnership, view our full press release at: