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                                      An archive of videos from Betterview

                                      NOVEMBER 4, 2020

                                      Watch the AmCap Video

                                      How Betterview Helped AmCap Insurance to Innovate

                                      In this video, AmCap Insurance discusses how Betterview’s predictive analytics and geospatial imagery is accelerating decision making to improve the customer and agent experience.

                                      NOVEMBER 4, 2020

                                      Watch the AmCap Video

                                      The Impact of Betterview in AmCap Insurance’s Claims Processing

                                      AmCap Insurance discusses the impact of Betterview’s predictive analytics and geospatial imagery to identify fraudulent claims, reduce operational costs, and expedite the claims settlement process for its customers.

                                      NOVEMBER 3, 2020

                                      Watch the AmCap Video Here

                                      AmCap Insurance and its Mission of Helping Policyholders Rebuild After a Loss

                                      AmCap Insurance, based in St. Petersburg, Florida, specializes in commercial property coverage for apartments, condominium associations, townhome associations, office buildings, and other large commercial structures. In this video, AmCap Insurance discusses its mission of helping policyholders rebuild after severe weather events.

                                      OCTOBER 16, 2020

                                      FNO InsurTech Podcast with Dave Tobias

                                      FNO: InsurTech Podcast

                                      Join David Tobias, Rob Beller, and Lee Boyd as they discuss: Betterview’s value proposition and its big pivot, the shift in insurance from “repair and replace” to “predict and prevent,” the advantages of having a background in insurance, and much more.

                                      SEPTEMBER 29, 2020

                                      Whatch CB Insights September 2020

                                      What Tech Offers: The Future of P&C Underwriting

                                      Geospatial Data, Robots, and IoT sensors are quickly digitizing P&C underwriting and changing the industry forever. In this webinar, Mike Fitzgerald, Principal Insurance Analysts, CB Insights and Ted Stuckey, Chief Growth Officer at Arrowhead Insurance Group, take an in-depth look at the acceleration of technology in the insurance sector. (Betterview mention at 19:41)

                                      SEPTEMBER 15, 2020

                                      Watch GW Tobias Interview

                                      Betterview’s David Tobias on Geospatial Analytics in Insurance

                                      Betterview Co-founder and President discusses how geospatial data plus analytics can improve catastrophe claims adjudication and risk selection, how drones are used in this area, and what insurers exploring the usage of geospatial analytics should consider. He also shares how geospatial analytics helped insurers in the wake of COVID-19.

                                      MARCH 11, 2020

                                      Watch Frederick Mutual Betterview Partnership

                                      Frederick Mutual on How Betterview’s Property Analytics Boosted Underwriting & Claims Productivity

                                      Frederick Mutual Insurance Company discusses how they are using Betterview’s property analytics and geospatial imagery in underwriting and claims to reduce costs, accelerate decision making, and elevate customer and agent satisfaction.

                                      OCTOBER 22, 2019

                                      Betterview Demo 2019

                                      Betterview Demo Video ITC 2019

                                      Betterview provides property insight and workflow tools to improve the customer experience by accelerating decisions and improving risk at every point of the P&C insurance lifecycle.

                                      JUNE 12, 2019


                                      Oliver Wyman Interview with Dave Tobias, COO & Co-Founder, Betterview

                                      Oliver Wyman Principal Paul Ricard interviews the Co-Founder and COO of Betterview, David Tobias, at InsureTech Connect 2018.

                                      JUNE 6, 2019


                                      AM Best: Betterview’s Lyman: Sometimes the Best View of Risk Is From Above

                                      David Lyman, CEO, Betterview, said the firm focuses on providing underwriting and loss information to insurers based on visual and data analysis of roof conditions.

                                      MARCH 18, 2019


                                      AM Best Examines How Tech Is Impacting Insurance Innovation

                                      AM Best’s Andrea Keenan visits insurtech start-ups to show how technology-enabled innovation is remaking the insurance industry.

                                      SEPTEMBER 27, 2018


                                      Partnerships: A Win-Win-Win for You, Your Partners, and Your Customers

                                      Jay Rosario, CFA – SVP Innovation & Strategic Products Lead discusses the benefits of Betterview’s partnership with Munich Reinsurance America, Inc,