Betterview announces expansion of its data science team

Betterview is proud to announce it has expanded its Data Science team by appointing John Lichtenstein, Principal Scientist and Dr. Arash Abadpour, Machine Vision Scientist.

Before joining Betterview, John worked in the consumer credit and mortgage industries for over 30 years at Hyundai Capital America, Experian, Ameriquest Mortgage Company, FICO, HNC Software and TRW.

Over his career, John has helped to develop state of the art risk models and has worked with customers to incorporate predictive analytics into their business processes.

Some of John’s highlights include:

  • Developed various risk models, including loss frequency, lead generation mail responsiveness, consumer credit scoring and fraud detection
  • Consulted with customers allowing them to leverage predictive analytics in their business processes

Dr. Abadpour brings over 10 years worth to computer vision and image processing experience to Betterview having worked at FIO Corporation, Intellijoint Surgical (IJS), Epson and TRLabs.

Dr. Abadpour’s highlights include using computer vision and image processing to

  • Help with surgical navigation for hip replacement surgery
  • Diagnose infectious diseases such as HIV and Malaria in underdeveloped countries
  • Assess gaits in humans

For more information about these appointments, please refer to our press announcement.

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