Hail is damaging property at a rapidly increasing rate. Historically, hail storms have caused an average of $1 billion dollars a year in damage to property and crops in the U.S. However, in 2016, hail losses spiked to $3.5 billion and last year it was even worse. According to Munich Re’s first-half global catastrophe review for 2017, two out of the top five largest natural hazard catastrophes were hail storms, which resulted in $3.3 billion dollars worth of insurance losses.

With the 2018 hail season set to begin tomorrow (Tuesday, March 20), Betterview wanted to quickly demonstrate seven ways how our drone software & services can help insurance carriers to streamline their claims processing.

(1.) Aggregate Building & Weather Information at FNOL
Even before sending a drone out for an inspection, Betterview can provide adjusters with vital information about a claim.  By simply entering an address in our platform, Betterview can return:

  • Aerial & satellite imagery
  • Historical weather data: hail, high wind, precipitation
  • Current weather conditions
  • Assessor’s data: year built, construction type, square footage, etc.
  • Additional property attributes: fire station proximity, FEMA flood zones, crime, etc.

With this data adjusters can use it to verify information about the building, measure rooftops and review recent hail related events.

Historical Hail Data with Building Footprint

(2.) Fill Coverage Gaps and Triage Claims
Depending on the severity of a hail event, sometimes carriers need to supplement in-house staff with additional resources.  Our highly qualified, on-demand network of drone pilots can be deployed at a moment’s notice to assist with claims response.  In addition, another benefit of our drone pilot network is that it allows claims managers to triage claims by deploying drones to more dangerous and time consuming assignments, such as multi-family structures and large commercial facilities.

(3.) Identify Hail Damage on Different Types of Roofs
One of the benefits of drones is their size and maneuverability, which allows them to capture high-resolution imagery (sub-centimeter per pixel resolution).  Betterview’s unique methodology captures imagery from multiple distances, including within a few feet of a roof’s surface during a hail inspection. This allows Betterview’s proprietary computer vision technology to detect hail hits on all types of roofs, including:

  • Black EPDM
  • White TPO
  • PVC
  • Standard asphalt shingle roofs
  • Clay tile

(4.) Document HVAC Damage and Other Building Issues
Betterview’s hail analysis and reporting just doesn’t stop at identifying hail damage on rooftops.  Our combination of artificial intelligence and human experts (in-house adjusters, roofing & construction experts) allows us to identify other issues in our reports, including:

  • Damage to HVAC units on the roof or side of the building
  • Damaged building facades
  • Broken windows & gutters
  • And more

Mortar Joints Cracking

(5.) Identify & Document Issues with Secondary Structures
Betterview understands that claims adjusters need to account for other potential issues on a property.  If an address has multiple structures on it, Betterview will document, analyze and report on it. We’ll identify hail hits or flag issues with detached garages, sheds, storage facilities, warehouses and more.

(6.) Automatically Generate Roof Measurements
Once a drone inspection has been completed using our full stack software solution, commercial drone kit, or on-demand pilot network, all of the photos from the inspection are encrypted and uploaded into Betterview’s cloud storage system.

Photogrammetry software, powered by a lot of computing power, processes this imagery into a 3D point cloud, 3D model, and 2D orthomosaic map (think Google Maps but much higher resolution). The 3D point cloud data is then interpreted to automatically produce measurements for:

  • Perimeter
  • Surface Area
  • Pitch
Betterview Roof Inspection and Measurement Reports
Sample Betterview roof Measurement Report

(7.) Generate Symbility and Xactimate Estimates
Betterview’s software and services can not only handle the documentation, analysis and reporting of your claim, but our experienced in-house adjusters can produce detailed claims estimates in Symbility or Xactimate software for a true end-to-end claims experience.

Pricing & Additional Information
For pricing and additional information about using Betterview’s software and services to streamline your claims response, contact us today at: hello@betterview.net